Mobile Technology will Place the World in the Palms of Our Hands

Smaller is better, at least in the technology world. The working equation seems to be: Smaller + Faster = Better. With this equation in mind, the future of technology must be mobility. Mobile technology means smaller screens and voice-to-text technology to do away with keyboards, keypads and a mouse. Mobile technology means a screen no bigger than two by two inches, yet able to open up a full website page in all its glory. The future of mobile technology means having every piece of information in your life at your fingertips at all times. Imagine a Mobile Device Able To Surf the Web Like a PC Cell phones users have been able to access the Internet in limited amounts for a few years, but soon the demand will be for full Web site searches on screens the size of cell phones. This will mean a total rethink on web site design and code implementation. By implementing voice to text technology, computing will become completely hands free. No more texting while driving or being penalized for not having good typing skills. Voice recognition can be used for editing documents on multiple user processors. Imagine a Mobile Device Holding All of your Personal Information Drivers license, proof of citizenship and insurance, even next of kin or an emergency contact would all be downloaded to the PDA. No more searching for ID or insurance papers during an accident, just hand the mobile device to the officers (who found the accident thanks to the GPS installed on it) for downloading. Biometrics would have to be implemented to secure the safety of individuals. The use of retinal scanning or thumb printing could be used for safe access to all information. Imagine Using a Mobile Device to Pay For Everything Just connect the new and improved PDA to the cash register at any retailer via the USB port, and pay the bill. No more credit cards or cash to handle and lose. The changes to advertisers are endless. Finally a way to track every item purchased by every individual and marketing future products directly to existing customers. Not to mention the target marketing capabilities. Each device would remember any prior searches made from that mobile device and narrow all future searches to websites tailored to that individuals usual purchase or informational habits. In other words, if you have only ever purchased Nike shoes and you search the word “shoes” in any directory, Nike websites will pop up. The future of mobile technology is personalization and size. Bigger memory, smaller and fewer accessories. Paper storage can become a thing of the past, though a printed copy of anything can be easily had with a printer and a USB cable. As I sit here with a land-line telephone, cell phone, daily organizer, computer, printer, and file cabinets full of ‘important’ papers, the future can’t come soon enough. Sources: x;= y;