Microsoft announced the new Windows 10 at the conference Build

Day 30/3, at the conference Build 2016, in front of thousands of app developers, Ceo Satya Nadella and Vice president Terry Myerson of the block Windows and device Microsoft has to share about the project that Microsoft is developing to support the mount with a new era of artificial intelligence, created many computing experience more personal for our customers, our industry and the business. The Cortana smart (Cortana Intelligence Suite) was formerly known with the name Cortana Analytics Suite, which is increase in strength by the ability to research big data, machine learning (a feature of artificial intelligence: machine learning according to the definitions loaded from reality and transform thinking, continuous), have the tool definition, analysis and clever programming. Built on Microsoft Azure, these features can be used by the application developer or business to create solutions terminal, including the new application can learn from the world around or from the smart tools or equipment stations to interact with humans by way of intelligence and personalization. The same day, Microsoft also announced additional features to the Cortana Intelligence Suite in the preview. The first is Microsoft Cognitive Services, a set of APIs help system can see, hear, speak, understand and translate those desired by the method of regular communication. Feature no. 2 is Microsoft Bot Framework helps the application developer on the language in any construction of the bots clever users can speak in ordinary language on every platform, including text, SMS, Office 365, Skype, Slack, on the web and everywhere. Microsoft has demonstration method helps the application developer using the service, such as how Cortana application Intelligence Suite to transform not only business but the whole living a normal life. For example Seeing WHO a project is developed, can support users to have the new capacity, helping the individual with visual impairment or blindness understand who and what is going on around them. Microsoft also introduced platform Skype Bot Platform, including SDK, API and other process in electronic gates new Skype Bot Portal. With this platform, the application developer can build the bots help take advantage of the conference phone multi-platform of Skype, including character, voice, video and interactive 3D. Customers can start with Skype Bots by download the latest app of Skype for Windows, Android and iOS. The application developer can start building Skype Bots today using platform Skype Bot Platform and access to hundreds of millions of Skype users around the world. Windows 10 is designed with many computing experience more personal, in a way, more natural, more reliable, and on any device, for example such as Cortana and Windows Hello. To the present time, with the figure of 270 million devices running Windows 10, can considered Windows 10 as the operating system is deployed fastest in history, to overcome the Windows 7 operating system with the figure of 145%. At the conference Build, Microsoft also share update Windows 10 Anniversary Update includes these features were completely new: Windows Ink, Cortana, Windows Hello, and gaming. Windows Ink is a new experience, putting the power into the pen on Windows. With Windows Ink, users can write on the device as written on the paper, create paper stickers, draw on the whiteboard and easily share your thoughts, users with the digital world. Microsoft also launched Microsoft HoloLens Development Edition first development experience Windows expansion for world virtual reality (hologram) and allows the developer to begin to help build the future of computing is virtual reality. Microsoft also stressed the list of commercial customers in a number of industries such as university, Case Western Reserve University and NASA are using glasses HoloLens. The application developer can use the platform Universal Windows Platform to develop applications combining virtual and real world. From today, the app developers under the Windows Insider program can visit Windows Anniversary the SDK to explore these new features. And if users want to try the new experience of Windows update 10 Anniversary Update can join the Windows Insider program and install the latest version.