Launch the web version of Alezaa

Recently, electronic books Alezaa of the company corporation online service Vinapo (Vinapo) has officially launched Alezaa Cloud Reader – ebook edition super nice, super smooth for web browser at the address With this website version, Alezaa have created is an experience of real difference in the reading culture of Vietnamese people. Besides, the interface is beautifully designed with fonts, font sizes, spacing, images are meticulous care with aesthetic high, users can watch videos directly, and can align the light reading mode, to create comfortable feeling and enjoy the most. In particular, when building the version on the web, Alezaa also towards cooperation with the Yolo – the first mobile browsert for Vietnam, aiming to put the stock list his giant to come closer to the readers. With this collaboration, users Yolo will have the opportunity to visit and read the content exclusive and the list or from Alezaa without charge. Electronic books Alezaa launched in 2011, when the concept of “electronic book rights” is still strange to many people, far Alezaa has over 65000 regular readers. Besides the methods, buy books, retail, or long term magazine, date 18/3/2015, Alezaa introduction membership package Alezaa Premium: unlimited reading entire books and magazines in 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, with prices only 1,000 vnd/day. Today Alezaa are rushing to complete the strategic partnership with MOG, specific browser Yolo will soon integrate Alezaa to search and read the right books within the browser, users of the Yolo also enjoy many special rights from Alezaa and only at Yolo as is read free the books have the copyright (including the exclusive) on Alezaa, or enjoy 6 months of unlimited reading Alezaa.