Huawei announce reaching 60,8 billion USD revenue in 2015

This growth is a direct result of the growing demand for high-end products bring to the customer experience to top, as well as the strong bounce of Huawei as a brand leading consumer. Date April 1st, Huawei announced the results of its business in the year 2015, to know all the business segment of the group, including Network Infrastructure, telecommunications (Carrier BG), Business solutions (Enterprise BG) and business consumer (Consumer BG) were reaching speeds of strong growth. This three array business has achieved revenue of 395 billion CNY (60,8 billion) worldwide, 37% increase compared with the previous year. Net profit of the company amounted to 36,9 billion CNY (5,7 billion USD), an increase of 33% compared with the previous year. Mr. Guo Ping, Deputy chairman and rotating CEO of Huawei, emphasized, “growth in time, of Huawei is due in part to the explosive growth of the ICT market, a dynamic development of the economy of the whole world. However, the growth that we are also the direct result of the strategic gathering and strong investments in the areas of core business. In the next 3-5 years, we will focus on strengthening connections, support the development of the industry specialized in different industries, and re-determine the capacity of the network system. With an approach of openness and cooperation with commitment for common success, we will work closely with customers and partners to maximize the growth opportunities the industry. Together we will build a world that is better connected”. Is a point of light striking in the results of operations of the company in 2015, business groups, consumer (Consumer BG) of Huawei has reached 129,1 billion CNY (19,9 billion USD) years revenue, a 73% increase compared with the previous year. For more than 20 years, Huawei still maintaining its focus on ICT infrastructure, strong investment in the activities of R&D. Only in 2015, Huawei has invested 15% of revenue his year, equivalent to 59,6 billion CNY (9,2 billion) for research and development. The total investment for R&D of Huawei for more than 10 years ago has reached 240 billion CNY, approximately 37 billion dollars.