If your head hurts all day you might have a common sleeping disorder

Migraines are a very common thing. We all have them every once in a while. If you however tend to get nasty headaches every single day or on a fairly consistent basis, there might be something else more serious going on. If in conjunction with all of that you have a husband or wife complaining about your snoring there is a high likely hood that you could suffer from sleep apnea. There is such a thing as sleep apnea with headaches all day as a symptom. At this point you should see these headaches as a huge wake up call. Would it be scary if you were going on about your day and you would randomly not be able to breath? Imagine not being able to randomly breath while you are asleep! If you want to resolve this quickly you can employ the use of cpap machines. They do tend to be a bit on the expensive side but they can provide you with peace of mind that you will breathe correctly. There are also surgeries available if you happen to have a problem where perhaps your tonsils are too big. I would not go that route though before talking to a doctor.